Film: 4413

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour + B/W


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Amateur home movie 1950's

[Colour] (A bit shaky) - girls push prams in the garden. Mother and girls with cat.
[B/w 1946] (Dark) - girl stands by pram and attracts attention of baby. Girl gets in passenger seat of car.
[Colour 1946] Eight rowing on River Thames. It is the University boat race (Oxford and Cambridge). The start.
[B/w] School sports in primary school. Boys three-legged race. Children lick ice creams in cornets. Girls hoop rolling race. Boys sack race. Boys running race. The White Lion Hotel.
[Colour 1951] (Somewhere in western Europe?) Seaside, family on beach. Fishing village, trawler by dockside watched by holiday makers. Cliffs and coastal scenery.
[B/w 1951] Cathedral. River with boat slipway. Car parked on slipway.
[Colour] Children cycle past hotel. Family on beach. Boy does attempted cartwheels. Woman grabs him and holds him. He lies on the sand on his stomach. She does the same.
[B/w] Horse and cart in street. Family car being craned out of ship's hold. Dockside.
St. David's Post Office, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. [Light in camera] - Cathedral.
Shepherd works with collie sheepdog and sheep.
English village with black and white timber-framed houses. Norman church tower.
[Dark colour] At a castle. The University boat race - one crew several lengths ahead of the other as they pass by.

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