Film: 4415

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie of weddings 1950's

Kodak date 1956. Best man and bridegroom outside church at wedding. Bride and groom pose for cameras. Various family groups. Confetti. Fine selection of women's hats. Different groups pose. Bride looks nervous. Groom kisses bride on temple. Cruise ship in port. Shot from beneath stern with Dutch flag.
[1958] Attractive garden with waterfall. Formal pond. People walk around pond. Country house. Young man and woman sit outside back of a red brick house. They smile. Heather borders. Man mows lawn with early electric lawn mower with flex. He takes off the grass box to empty it.
Seaside Hotel. Two women walk across road and wave to camera. Ship docks. People walk down gangplank. Crane lifting. Black Africans descend the gangplank. Woman in a fur coat stands by a river estuary. Yellow mustard field. Two adult and one child bridesmaid and the bride pose in a back garden. Wedding. Bridesmaids at church. Carrying posies. Arrival of bride and father. Church is St. Leonard, Hollington. The happy couple. Posing for photographs. The photographers. Groom examines his top hat.
St. Mary's Church at Northiam in Kent - people arrive at the church. Older couple are married (a second wedding? - the woman is dressed in blue). (Her mother?) stands by bride's side and wears a wonderful old lace bonnet. Happy couple. Happy couple with the mother.

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