Film: 4418

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Kodak date 1931. Amateur home movie family film 1930's

Family gathering in garden. Sitting around tables. Deckchairs. Woman holds unhappy baby. Older man pretends to play golf with walking stick. Man and woman play darts.
Church with flag of Cross of St. George flying. "17th October, Graham's Christening". Grandfather leaves church. The baby asleep.
"School Days". Outside. Mother brushes her son's school blazer, takes his school cap off her head. He rushes down path and along pavement.
Man is a 'lollipop man' holding sign which says "STOP. Children Crossing". Children cross road. Boy is happy and skips.
"Penelope's First Birthday". Man lifts Penelope to camera. Girl is happy and from behind we see her playing with her mother and patting her own head. Child in playpen.
Young girl with croquet mallet, ball and hoop. She nearly falls over trying to hit the ball. Six children in playpen.
Two dogs side by side on hind legs begging. Girl crawls on grass. Penelope in protective swing (so she cannot fall out). Driving away in car with mother holding baby out of passenger window. In back garden five older women are smoking. Five women walk in countryside in smart clothes. Baby crawls on lawn surrounded by family. Car drives down road away from camera.
Shots of garden very professional - fading in and out of each other.
Two children on very precarious-looking seesaw - a plank pivoting on a block of wood. Six children on seesaw.
Close ups of man putting on his back lawn with his walking stick. Takes three shots to get ball in hole. Close up of removing ball from hole which has a small flag in it.
On river in countryside.
"At Oaklea" middle aged man directs old man to go to the camera. He walks towards it. Next shot is of middle aged man smoking and taking a photograph of our cameraman. Happy family group. Two middle aged women dance on lawn - kicking legs in air. Using golf clubs and balls with croquet hoops. Apples in tree. Man uses broom to sweep leaves. Sits on rustic bench and pours himself a beer.
On beach. Woman wears bathing cap, walks into sea, turns to camera and mouths "It's cold". She plunges in.
Women sit with well-wrapped baby at the sea's edge. Ten year old girl swims. Playing in the sea. Piggy back. Splashing water onto baby's feet. Dog leaves beach hut and walks on shingle. Mother encourages child to swim. Girl dives in, comes up and wipes her eyes. Mother holds younger daughter afloat on her back.

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