Film: 4419

Shipping | 1950 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie travelogue. Kodak dates 1949 - 1955.

[B/w 1949] 2 teenage girls stand on a wall next to a terrace. Mother is on the terrace. The girls skip along the wall. Girls climb down a wooded bank onto a main road.
[colour 1955] Island at sea. Three babies dressed in white and one two-year old boy on lawn with two women.
[Colour 1954] Large river. Very large bridge. White ensign flutters. Women and man climb steps to camera with ice creams. Coal barge. People swim in river. Ship pulls people in four dinghies behind it. Lots of wash, River Rhine? German restaurant. Views of shore.
Poorly shot film of beach cricket in front of groyne.
Couple on deck of cruise ship. He has his arm round her shoulders. They lean over rail of ship. He points at camera. Lots of deckchairs. They sit on loungers. They hold up lifebelt. It says 'Caronia Liverpool'. Man plays deck quoits.
School sports. Boys long jump. High hurdles race, one boy falls. Running. Award of cups.
Airplanes in flight, light aircraft, Cessna?

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