Film: 4422

Media | 1970 | Mute | Colour


Michael Bond, creator of Paddington bear and author of the famous children's books. A hand does drawings of Paddington bear, this is Peggy Fortnum 1970's

Michael Bond runs a projector. Playback. Michael in Paddington station with is children. The busy platform between trains. The lost property section, Michael finds a little suitcase with a notebook and a half full jar of marmalade in it. They go to a taxi stand and get a taxi. Michael and the two children get in the taxi. The market in Portobello road, antique stalls line the road. A sticky bun shop, one of the children looks through the window.
Michael handles the different editions of the Paddington books. Several letters from children who are Paddington bear fans. Peggy Fortnum, the illustrator of the books.
Boy lies on a sofa reading Paddington Bear books.

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