Film: 4424

Natural History | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of various animals in a zoo running 1940's

Fish swimming, lizard runs, Snake lies on a tree branch, it slithers. A lion jumps around its large pen, some in slow motion. Two turtles or terrapins walk on grass. A kangaroo jumps. A leopard, a tiger. A Lynx. A bear, shakes its head. Another bear. A badger digs. Polar bear jumps into water. Seals swimming and on rocks. Walruses. Deer jumping high in the air. A giraffe, very close up of its face. Wild pigs and warthogs. Elephants. Children ride the elephants. Zebra, Camels. Dromedaries. Armadillo, gorilla. Monkeys, storks. Weird bizarre bird. Pelicans, penguins running very funnily, ducks with chicks. Man in World War Two army uniform plays with chimpanzees.

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