Film: 443

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Garden Cities like Welwyn Garden City or possibly Letchworth in Britain as alternative living from the inner city slums 1940's

Long shot of house roofs. Mine lift wheel. Miners come out of a lift carrying lamps. Slag heaps. Terraced housing with mine beyond. Terraced street with children in the street. Crowded street market and bus. Gas holder. Smoky roof tops, slum. Back to back housing. Stereotypical 'grim up north' images. Children play in the street. Workers leaving a factory or place of work, a low angle shot, they are a mixture of men and women and some of them are running. Aerial view of city. Poster for "Garden Cities of Tomorrow " superimposed over aerial view. Ebernezer Howard's book. Graphic view of Town Planning. Graphics showing developments and transport networks with the garden city. Relationship of workplace and houses. Civic centres, churches, shops, schools. Aerial view of the town, twenty five years after it was built. Nice suburban-type wide street with houses and hedges. Lots of exteriors of houses from the post World War One era. 1930's style Art deco factories. Small company workshops. British Lead Mills factory. Factory in construction. Welgar food processing. Bareley corsets factory. All exteriors, no interiors. Workers leaving the factory. Man on bike cycles past railway line. Guessons Road. Large detached houses. Man enters front gate. Man thinks of his garden as a living room. Mother sits knitting. Girls lie on the grass talking in the garden, idealised home life. Sensible houses designed for comfort and family life. Exteriors of house types shown. "Nothing showy". "Simple houses to grow old gracefully". Tree-lined streets. Safety for your children. More house exteriors. Flats as well around a communal garden. People can't build how and where they like, the town will develop naturally but controlled. Large department store in neo-classical style. Town hall, fire station. Police station. Children look at Disney lobby cards outside a cinema and enter. The Campus. School classroom. Science lab and desks with teenagers examining papers. Pottery class. Boy models with clay. Boys play cricket. Girls playing rounders and tennis. Rugby match. Four women sit around an elaborate tea table in a garden. They drink tea and chat. Three men play classical instruments in the garden. Family picnic. Town fete with mini roundabout. Romantic couple walk arm in arm in a wood. People doing ordinary things - various shots. Child on a swing. A town to put people's needs first. Playing bowls. Aerial view of town.
Welwyn Garden City or possibly Letchworth - the town is never named in the film. The film is particularly good for its idealistic commentary on how is the best way to live, country and city brought together by planning.

2002-01-31 Note by Ben: The town must be Welwyn Garden City, which is where the Welgar factory was (is?) - from Wel…Gar…

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