Film: 4433

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


New industrialised methods of making furniture especially soft furnishings for interior design 1950's

Good factory scenes - making a sofa with American voice over.
In a factory, a man wearing dark goggles and a hat welds together the metal frame of a new sofa. It is the Crowler furniture factory in Naperville, Illinois, USA. Close up of welder joining two pieces of angle iron together. Another man operates an automatic screwdriver (actually quite a large machine) and attaches strips of wood to the metal frame. Pieces of shaped wood are glued together and appear to be held together with a clamp. The voice over speaks of old fashioned furniture making methods being out dated. Sofa springs are attached to hessian backing by an automatic stapler. Two men operate a hydraulic press which compacts the springs whilst the upholstery fabric is secured by a pneumatic tack hammer. Close up of springs as they are tied together with a spiral of thin wire. A wooden mould is used to press the foam into shape for sculpted cushions and sofa backs. Overhead conveyors move the various settee components through the factory. In the assembly department they are pieced together in "the attractive designs that originated on the artists' drawing board". The completed sofa is shown rotating on a turntable with a female model enjoying its comfort.

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