Film: 4443

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Silent | B/W


monkeys and archery Jujitsu and volcanoes 1940's

Intertitle – “Monkey Whoopee! Chimps absorb spotlight at monkey circus”
People crowd a round a cage of performing monkeys. They are dressed up and playing instruments. Quite comic, close-up of a monkey wiggling his bottom. Three monkeys jump a skipping rope in unison. Close-up of a “gurning” monkey. A man holds a smiling baby up in the crowd. A man holds a mirror and the monkeys preen themselves. They do various tricks - walking on a rolling ball, jumping on and off seesaws etc.
Intertitle – “A modern William Tell”. Archery in a field. A man fires a bow through balloons that a woman holds in her hand and in her mouth.
Intertitle – “Giants tumble! Daredevil lumber-jacks risk life and limb!”. A lumberjack climbs and fells a tall tree and hangs dangerously in the air.
White water rafting in rough waters. Huge logs rush through the water. A steam train carries the logs across a bridge. Logs slide into a pool and people walk on them losing their balance.
Intertitle – “For self defence hands and muscles. Japanese experts show Jiu Jitzu (Jujitsu) at its best”. Group in a circle wear Jujitsu uniforms (Gi) and watch techniques. Intertitle – “Bad boy beware!”. Outside in a field self-defence scenarios are played out, a policeman is threatened by a man with a gun and another man stands behind him. He does a Jujitsu move and brings both men to the ground. A woman being grabbed from behind throws a man over her shoulders.
Intertitle – “An active volcano in the Philippines”. A volcano with thick smoke billowing. A nearby village of Philippines stare at the camera. Fire breaks out consuming forests, trees fall, lots of smoke. Aerial view of the volcano. Molten rocks tumble onto the road.


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