Film: 4444

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Exercise and Posture, Yugoslavia 1960's

Children run excitedly and noisily along a corridor with large pillars into a classroom. A boy ambles in late. Boys and girls sit facing the camera slouched over their desks. The voice over begins talking about sitting and standing properly. Children grin at the pranks he mentions - “chairs are not to be splashed with ink or carved with knives. Chairs are to be sat on”.
Focus on a boy, “how do you sit?”. Children straighten themselves. On the board a diagram of a human standing erect in profile. The spine curves as it slouches. The voice over picks on a boy, “do you always sit like that?”. Boy sat at home writing at a table with his younger sister who reads. Two boys ride bicycles around a corner. A group of boys play with marbles in the street. A boy gets into a soft bed with a high pillow and curls up – “it’s much better to sleep on a hard bed with a thin pillow”. Children wearing shorts and vest in school gymnasium doing exercises for building muscles and straighten backs. Children in two lines passing a ball back above their heads. Practising volleyball outside. Two girls watch at the side with bad posture. Diagram of the spine curving – “is this a human being or a question mark?”. In the gym the children lie down with their hand above their heads, lifting knees up, touching toes etc. A girl doing the same exercises at home in her bedroom. Boys in a woodwork lesson, one leans and rests more weight on one leg than the other – “the stork stands on one leg but a man stands on two”. Children walking home around a corner carrying satchels and folders. A boy plays the violin at home. View of his bad posture from behind. Swimming pool, children swimming lengths in swim caps – “this is a healthy sport”. Wet footprints on the tiles, focus on a flat foot, a condition which makes the person tire easily. Outside children play with a ball and a boy rests at the side slouching again. Diagram on the board of spine bending. In the gym children sit in a circle flexing their feet, close-up of the feet. Row of shoes on a rack, chosen for fashion reasons but pinch toes. Exercises for the toes, children pick up handkerchiefs with their toes.
Pictures of children with deformed feet and backs. Boys have a check-up with nurses. They stand on the scales to be weighed and have their posture checked. In the school canteen eating lunch. A family at home eating, a boy has a glass of milk – “important to eat well and get plenty of fresh air and exercise”. Cross-country running and relay racing.


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