Film: 4449

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


World War Two North Africa campaign. Tunisia. Allied convoy, tanks, guns. Lots of prisoners. Trench mortar being fired. German prisoners. Field gun. Machine gun being fired. Smiling prisoners - many hundreds of prisoners.
Soldier talks to camera about war work.
Buckingham Palace. Civilian queue to enter gates, then palace itself. Several display medals they have been given. Good close ups of happy civilians being remembered for their work on the homefront.
Bomb cases for 1000 pound bombs being made. Large magnet grabs scap iron. Iron or steel foundry. Furnace. Women make moulds out of sand. These are painted. Woman operates machine to pour molten steel into moulds. Bomb casings being polished. Bombs standing on conveyor belt, glowing red hot. Stack of bombs without fuses fitted. Aerial film from aircraft of bombing of Germany.

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