Film: 4450

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Folklore and folk dances and music around the world with Gaitas or Pipes 1940's

Unidentified city / could be a Mediterranean city in Spain
General shots of buildings and coast with boats.
Men folk dancers, drummers and pipes next to the port.
Dancers with two sticks and ribbons in their hands, wearing double white skirts. One dancer dressed in dark. Fast music.
Close up of man playing a single pipe.
Dancers hitting each others sticks and then hitting the floor.
Duration one minute, ten seconds.

General shots of buildings and Moorish Alhambra Granada Pan of Moorish arches.
Folk dancers, guitarists, pipes and vocals (Spanish).
Slow music at the beginning, getting faster and faster when the musicians sing.
Dance in circles / couples (men with dark clothes and hats / women with head scarves and aprons).
Duration one minute, forty seconds.

COAST / MOUNTAINS / South of Spain:
General shots. Big mountains and sea.
Fast music.
Folk dancers, guitarists, women playing castanets and vocals in Spanish maybe Flamenco
Groups of four women and one man. Women with head scarves and long skirts. Men with knee high baggy pants and head scarves. They both have ribbons in their hands.
Dancers with . Lots of clapping.
Duration one minute, twenty five seconds.

COAST / MOUNTAINS / Unidentified place?:
Two dancers very similar to the previous dance (one man with knee high baggy pants and one woman with long skirt. Both with head scarves).
A very simple dance. Simple music.
One musician plays the drum and the flute.
Duration 40 seconds

Unidentified city:
Begins with someone whistling.
Women dancers wearing hoods, hoods and half length lower leg skirts.
Men dancers wearing dark knee high pants and bonnets.
They both are wearing shoes very similar to clogs.
Dance: in couples and in two circles. Lots of whistling.
Musicians: two flutes, very small drum. Medium slow music.
Duration one minute 20 seconds

Unidentified place / Spain:
Pan from mountains to the sea.
Very typical Spanish peasant dancing.
Several guitarists singing in Spanish and dancers in couples with castanets.
Fast music.
Women wearing knee high skirts and neck scarves. Men wearing knee high dark pants, vests and hats.
Duration one minute 30 seconds

Unidentified place:
Dancers in couples. Women wearing hoods and long skirts. Men wearing long pants, vests and straw hats.
Big and long drums. Very thin flutes. Slow/ medium music. Lots of whistling. Towards the end the music gets faster.
Close up of drummers, drums, flutes and dancers.
Duration one minute 30 seconds

Water images.

Unidentified place:
Band of musicians playing a thin flute and small drums at the same time.
Couples dancing in the centre, once at the time. Women wearing long skirts, big hat (or head scarves) and lots of trimmings (necklaces, ribbons, etc.). Men wearing long pants, pointed hats and they have a unusual object in their hands. Lots of leg movements by the men. The women movements are very subtle.
Close up of musicians, dancers and people watching.
Duration one minute

Images of mountains, trees, the sunset.

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