Film: 4451

Science | 1950 | Sound | B/W


An Introduction to the Universal motor Science, electric motors to drive everyday things 1950's

A postman rings a doorbell. Close up of the doorbell. Close up of the doorbell mechanism. Close up of a magnet shaped like a horseshoe. The magnet picks up small pieces of iron nails. A horseshoe iron is placed over the pile of nails. Insulating wire is wound round the horseshoe iron and once the iron is connected to a battery it picks up nails, as soon as the current is switched off it stops acting like a magnet. Animated representation showing how to build an electric bell, it also shows how the mechanism works. Close up of an alarm bell showing the electromagnet and the clapper, the bell is ringing. Close up of a house electric bell ringing. A man is shaving using an electric razor (50's). An electric motor. A horseshoe magnet. A bar magnet with north and south poles. A straight bar magnet next to a horseshoe magnet. The north pole of the horseshoe magnet attract the south pole of the straight bar magnet. Close up an electromagnet. The direction of the current is changed in the electromagnet, therefore the bar magnet swings back and forth when the current direction is changed. Another close up of the electromagnet making a half turn. The connection with the battery is broken at the right moment causing the bar magnet to half turn. Close up of the magnet turning round and round. Close up of a switch connected to a handle, it changes the direction of the current thus making the bar magnet turn round faster (spinning). Another close up of the switch connected to a handle. Another view of the switch handle turning and causing the bar magnet to spin round and round. The switch is mounted on the spindle connected to the bar magnet. The motor is turned on and the bar magnet spins. Close up of a basic electric motor. A child plays with a basic electric motor which turns on a windmill model. Close up of an electric motor used to work models. The field magnet is turned round in order to make the basic motor run the other way. The motor is spinning counter-clockwise. The direction of the electric current is changed. Animated representation of the basic electric motor. View of a motor that uses alternate electric current. A woman is using a vacuum cleaner (Hoover), camera pans left to reveal an electric fan on a table. A close up of an electric motor. An electric clock. An electric motor. Industrial electric motors. An electric train. Electric trams on a street in London. An electric bus in London. Various electric motors. An electric egg beater. An electric motor.

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