Film: 4454

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Gardening in Cardiff parks, South Wales 1960's

A film about a specific ornamental park or garden, in the UK, where there is possibly a flower show judged.

Man with a spade on lawn outside of a house. He makes a cut in the lawn and removes a piece of turf. Close up of hole in lawn showing hands holding a trowel and tapping whatever is in the hole then covering over with pieces of turf. Person then waters the area with hose. Close up of hand pointing out the area just filled in.
Cut to an ornamental lake with fountains and statue as centrepiece. It is summer and the lake is surrounded by flower beds. It may be a park or a stately home? People are sitting around on benches and a lady with children pushes a pram past.
Close ups of statue and roses. Young lady is standing by rose beds writing notes on a note pad.. Other ladies also shown jotting down notes in the garden. Lots of people walking amongst rose beds. Maybe it’s a flower show and the ladies are judges?
Many more scenes of rose beds and close ups of individual rose flowers.
Close up of stem with diseased leaves, possibly as a result of aphids. Close up of stems and leaves with black fly.
At 2mins 39secs film cuts to black until 2mins 54sec.
Next shot is unclear, then close up of tomatoes growing on a plant. Scenes of ornamental house plants on shelves in a glass house. Plants are being watered with watering can. Other decorative shrubs are shown being watered. Cuts to outside scenes of very colourful herbatious borders, and close ups of flowering perennials. Shot of men and women in short sleeved shirts and summer dresses walking by flower beds looking at flowers.
4mins 37secs Berries and Autumn leaves. Varieties of Chrysanthemums are shown being inspected in a glass house by men and women wearing overcoats and hats.

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