Film: 4461

Geography | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Earthquakes 1900's and 1960's

Ruined roads, demolished houses, rescue workers. Collapsed buildings, lost children and women wandering around roads 1964 Anchorage earthquake in Alaska. Tents set up for survivors.
18 April 1906, in San Francisco earth quake and fire. Wagons and men mill around the ruins of the city, ruined buildings, empty shells with gaping holes for windows, smoke still rises from some parts of the town from the fire that followed.
Earthquake research, scientists monitor gauges and test equipment.
1970 - a view of a street in Gediz in Turkey. Footage then switches to piles of ruins and flames, the aftermath of an earthquake. Woman holding a sewing machine. Kids and women standing aimless in the ruined streets. Men shifting rubble and searching for survivors. A tented area where survivors are seeking shelter from the cold.
The film then returns to the ruined aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Lots of panning views of decimated streets. Convoys of pack mules coming into the city.

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