Film: 4465

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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This is a recording of performance by Xavier Cugat and his orchestra 1940's

There is the view of the stage, close up, in the centre Xavier, smartly dressed in pin striped suit with a black tie, he is holding a violin with his left hand and conducting the orchestra with his bow, on his left hand side, there is a lady, who is the main singer is wearing a silky dress, her hair is loose, has a beaming smile is clapping to the music whilst sitting down on a chair, behind the pair, the orchestra is sitting down, many are dressed in matching blazer and a black bow tie, at the back of the stage, a curtain drapes, at the other end of the stage, two men, dressed in army uniform is sitting down, everyone has wide smiles on their faces, the music is enegetic, upbeat and the mood of the place is very cheerful.

Close up of a drummer, he is dressed in white frilled Mexican shirt, a guiterist dressed in the same uniform as the rest of the orchestra is sitting on the left hand side of the drummer, behind the two players another drummer and a base player is visible. Close up of a player holding two shakers, he is also dressed in white frilled Mexican shirt and the main female singer is sitting down behind still clapping, a percussionist. Close up of the percussionist, behind him there are some backing singers standing up, it is also possible to see other base players. Back to close up shot of Xavia and the main female singer, in addition to players mentioned already you can see a clarinet player, horn players as they stand up and howls their instrument, wind players follow suit, the singer is clapping to the music, Xiavia picks his violin up and begin to play. Close up of Xiavia playing his violin, he is smiling to the audience and occasionally winks. Close up of a percussionist, and back singers from their left hand side, the four female singers sits upright, they are all wearing matching necklace and dresses, behind them five make singers stands upright. Front view, close up of the main singers, the main female singer stands up and begins to sing "she's a bomb shell… from Brooklyn." etc. Close up, fron view of the female singer, while she is singing she smiles to the audience and moves her hand, behind her the orchestra can be seen (out of focus), as the song moves to the chorus, orchestra stands up. Distant view of the stage with Xavia and his orchestra, it is also possible to see the back of the audience, the place is fully packed with sailors, men and women, the singer dances enegetically and elegantly to the music. Close up of the singer dancing with Xavia, behind them the wind players are sitting down, the song finishes the singer bows. View of the audience, the club is fully packed, all are clapping enthusiastic and many have big smiles on their faces. View of the audience and Xavior and his orchestra. Xavia bows and smiles to the audience and the orchestra begins to play, audience stands up and begin to dance, end of film.

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