Film: 4471

Aviation | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A Film about the effects of G - Force on diving high speed aircraft in World War Two including Spitfire 1940's

Probably the first time such phenomenon was studied. Pilot suffering g-force, his ears go funny and he puts two fingers up at the camera. Airmen watch training film. Benefits of Franks (?) flying suit tio minimise effects of G force.

Note :Canadian medical scientist Wilbur Franks developed a rubber flying suit which was filled with water, to help stop blood pooling in the legs during high-G manoeuvres. Known as the Franks Flying Suit, it was tested over 1940-42 before entering limited combat use with Britain's Fleet Air Arm. This film demonstrates early trials, including the effect of high G on Franks himself, as well as another pilot testing the suit in a Spitfire, probably in 1941 (Peter Hobbins, University of Sydney)

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