Film: 4481

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Shops at Christmas. Children run riot in an empty toy shop 1950's

Horrible organ music throughout. Busy street at night with bright lights. Car runs out of petrol so Dad goes to look for some. Children window shopping, looking at toys. They sneak into a closed shop. Children playing in toy shops, running around. Boys in go-karts, girl in a go-cart, rocking horse. Nightwatchman has dozed off. Roller skates on very small feet. Night watch man with Santa suit hanging behind him. He dresses up as Father Christmas. Toy railways. Skalextrix. Esso petrol pumps. Girl on a tricycle driving dangerously. Girls with dolls. Toy american indian doll that beats a drum. Father Christmas walking around a toy shop. Children sneaking around the store. They sneak out of the shop and back into the car before Dad comes back. Car drives away down a lighted street.

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