Film: 4486

Trailer | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Trailer for 'Zorro Rides again'. A twelve part serial with John Carroll and Noah Beery. 'Throbbing Adventure' 1930's

The screen fades into a shot of a group of cowboys riding across a desert plain. In the background are hills and further away are mountains. We can hear the galloping of hoofs. Written across the screen in a cartoon style font are the words 'Smashing drama' 'Hair trigger gun play'. On the top is written 'splintering action,' the writing on the top right says 'lightning raced riding,'. The camera moves with the cow boys across the screen, exciting music plays. Shot of Zorro on his horse, Zorro is dressed in black, with a black hat and cape. He and his black horse appear amongst some shrubs as they turn away from the camera. The title appears over this shot.

The music slows down and we see the actor who plays 'Zorro' (John Carroll) standing facing the camera, he draws and twirls his guns, pointing both the pistols at the camera and smiles broadly. The screen cuts to an actor dressed in a suit, with a beard and slicked black hair, he is passing papers to someone as he is sat and then puts his hands together under his chin. Underneath his name comes up as Marsden ( Noah Beary) . Then we go to an actor dressed as a cowboy, 'El Lobo' and the actors name appears underneath, Richard Alexander. This actor is in heavy shadows and is wearing a light waistcoat, shirt and a cowboy hat. The screen fades to a shot of a young blond woman dressed in a formal suit who then smiles at the camera. The name Joyce appears, and the actresses name Helen Christian. Then to a serious looking man, the name Phillip appears under him, and the actors name Reed Howes. He is dressed in a formal suit, he is looking towards the camera but not directly at it. He appears to be inside and behind him is a chest of draws, with a mounted stag head in the top right. The next actor is standing against the same plain background as Zorro, the actor is called Renaldo, the actors name which is stated below is Duncan Renaldo. The actor is standing dressed in Mexican clothing of the time, and is smoking.

The screen goes to black and we can hear muffled voices saying 'what’s a matter with him,'. The screen fades into a cowboy firing a gun down at an unseen target. The words 'A twelve chapter' appear across the screen. Behind this Zorro runs up a wall and jumps onto his horse that is tied outside a white building, and rides off to the right of the screen. A man appears, sat down, speaking into a radio device of the time, saying 'Zorro, Zorro, Zorro can't you get rid of that man'. The man is suited and in his middle ages.

The words 'trouble ahead' leap onto the screen, In the back ground the camera looks up at a train curving round a bend, hurtling past. 'Clear the tracks,' Zorro rides his horse parallel to the train, side shot, steam from the engines, the rider and horse move to the back of the train. Zorro leaps onto the back of the train, 'hear comes Zorro,'. Shot of the back of the train, an explosion goes of and two men duck down. The screen is dark as more explosions can be heard. Zorro runs across tracks, bends and moves a sled that is tied to a rope. He gets on the sled and then the camera cuts to Zorro on the sled, riding it down a steep slope. The camera looks up at Zorro as he comes towards it. Then a side shot of Zorro riding the sled at great pace down the slope.

Cut to Zorro standing with his back to the camera, waving for an oncoming train to slow down, sudden cut to a group of US cavalry officers riding up a hill, then a close up of them looking directly at them as they gallop. Side shot of these men as they race up the hill, the writing 'thrilling, thunderous, throbbing adventure when - ' springs onto the screen. Shot looking directly at Zorro as he gallops directly at the camera. 'Zorro rides again' appears on the screen. Dust surrounds Zorro as he rides.

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