Film: 4488

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


This film is of the execution of German war Criminals following World War Two by hanging and firing squad 1940's
A priest, prisoner and two American military police walk towards a scaffold for execution 1940's The condemned man is lead up the steps of the gallows by two military police. A cameraman can be seen in shot filming them. The black hood is put on the prisoner. The priest walks off the scaffold, the noose is slipped over his neck. Cut to American soldiers watching, the noose is tightened. The trapdoor is opened. Cut to a close up of the soldiers faces. The hanged man dangles from the gallows.
Man led to firing range, tied to a pole, priest gives him the last rites. Three coffins lie to the left of the screen. The American firing squad line up, the man is shot. Close up of dead man falling.
An SS officer climbs down from a truck with the assistance of two American soldiers. The SS man's hands are tied as he is given the last rites by a priest. He is blindfolded and tied to the stake, the firing squad take aim. Close up of bullets hitting the SS officer. He falls to the ground.
Sea battle in the Pacific with Kamikaze pilots shooting at the ships. A plane explodes into the sea.
A Pacific Island (perhaps Okinawa); American soldiers torch bushes, a huge gun fires into the sky from under a camouflage net, shots of burning buildings, soldiers crawling along the ground. An American soldier throws a hand grenade into an underground cave. It explodes, an injured man crawls out of the cave. Close up of American soldier lying on stomach shooting. A dead man's body falls down the hillside.
The Liberation of Paris including street fighting, street barricades, a man throwing a grenade from the upper floors of a building, onto a truck of men in the street below. The grenade explodes, the truck catches fire and burning men (presumably Germans) jump from it. A parade for the liberation in Whitehall in London - approximately 200 French people file past the Cenotaph.

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