Film: 4490

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Motion studies, conserving energy and business efficiency. General Motors film 1940's

American couple discuss how to set the table using motion studies. He lays table for tea. She brings in flowers. He looks at his wrist watch and she tells him he would be better keeping his motion studies for his plant. They have another couple over for dinner. After dinner the women clear the table. One of the men lights a cigarette and smokes. Wives leave and husbands discuss motion study. The host, who has a new job in motion study talks to the other man, who is a foreman, about the value of motion study and more production. He fetches a pin game to demonstrate. They use different methods of putting wooden pins into the board to find the easiest and quickest method. The wives return and they perform a time and motion experiment using the game, The men take of their jackets and are in white shirts and ties. Using both hands they reduce the time used from 40 seconds to 34 seconds. Then one of the women has a go using the same method to show that it is not the operator. They then reduce the time to 23 seconds by changing the motion.
A production line, self assembly line for pin and washers. A punch press. The one girl can't keep up but observation shows that the other girls are using a better method. A man working on a grinding job on a piston block. By adding an extra rack to the grinder and changing the method handling the pistons the job is made easier.

Back at the house the husband suggests that the women should do a time and motion study for the diswashing but she has a better idea and puts an apron on him.

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