Film: 4495

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World War Two propaganda war to home front workers and home guard volunteers to make more effort to win the war 1940's

A British battleship sailing. Sailors arm guns on the deck. Troops advance. People move amongst ruined houses. Bomber aircraft fly over camera. Firemen put out a blazing aircraft. People sit on deckchairs in a park. Two men lie asleep in the park. People gather round speaker in the park. Men and women walk up a high street. Women look in shop window, A man leans on a pillar in the street. Inside of an aircraft factory shown with workers working on the production line of a new plane. Aircraft ready for take-off in an airfield. A tank factory is shown. Close up of Caterpillar tracks. Armament workers work on shells. Close up of shells. A lorry drives through an English village. Scenes of a street in the village, a village by a river, country lane, fields. A tree is shown, it then explodes. Caption appears; "The Nazi Automaton of Destruction". A scrolling message describes the following scenes as ‘Nazi film propaganda designed to show the ruthless all-conquering military might of Germany in 1941. We make no apology for showing you scenes of ghastly inhumanity. This is total war. It is far better to receive a shock in the cinema than to live in a fool’s paradise until the reality of war comes home to your own street’
German war vehicles, cars and motorcycles move through a barrier. Motorcycles move across a field. Artillery cannon fire. Close-up of German soldiers firing a machine gun. German troops run through a wood. German troops advance. German troops fire artillery cannon. Explosions appear in the distance. Troops run to the roadside, lie down and fire rifles. Troops carefully advance across a road. Troops stand behind a tank which fires. Artillery fires at building in distance. Tanks roll across a field. Aircraft in distance drop bombs - explosions on the ground. A formation of dive bombers. The pilot is shown in the cockpit of one. More explosions on the ground. German heavy artillery shown. A soldier looks over a field. An armoured troop carrier moves through smoke. Scenes of wrecked bridges and vehicles. A field is shown with planes in the background. German motorcycles and armoured cars travel down a road with wrecked vehicles at the side. Troops move alongside wrecked vehicles. A caption appears: ‘Tank Workers! Britain needs more tanks than all the rest of Europe can build. It depends on you!’
Scenes of German artillery firing at farm buildings and exploding them. Artillery shots at tower which is destroyed. A farm building is destroyed. Troops sit on a tank, driving on road past farm buildings. German troops march. Caption appears: ‘Home Guard! Britain demands 100% training to enable you to outwit the world’s most formidable invaders. It all depends on you!’
Troops look on at buildings on fire. More shots of buildings ablaze. Armoured vehicles drive through a village on fire. Troops and a motorcycle advance through village in flames.
‘Armament workers! Britain needs enough guns and shells to smash an army of millions. It all depends on you!’
German bombers take off. Shots of planes in sky. View from sky of airstrip with planes on the ground. German aircraft on the ground are destroyed by Russian air force.
‘Aircraft workers! Britain needs two planes for every one in the Luftwaffe. It all depends on you!’
German bomber shown flying. A German tank stands motionless. German artillery fires at buildings. A village in ruins burns. Explosions on the ground. End credits roll with message ‘It all depends on you’.

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