Film: 4499

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie of Greece and Italy 1960's

Tourists walking among some ancient ruins. A village [in Greece] on the coast is seen from the sea. A view of some ancient ruins. A temple, the Parthenon, the porch of the Caryatids,. Tourists sitting down among the ruins of a temple. An aerial view of other ruins. The ruins if a temple. A close-up of four statues, the caryatids. Tourists walking among some ancient ruins, the Acropolis. A temple, and tourists. Another temple. A close-up of part of a temple. A view of the archaeological site the ancient Agora in Plaka in Athens. A bronzed statue in a museum. A marble statue. People dressed in traditional Greek clothes, performing a folk-dance, some tourists watching and taking pictures. Greek soldiers standing in front of a guard-room in Syntagma Square, Athens, their uniforms have bunchy skirts and bobbles on their shoes. . Tourists taking pictures. People coming down some stairs. A ship. Tourists walking in the streets of a village. A fruit market. The Bridge of Sights in Venice, Italy. A view of Saint Mark's Cathedral. Saint Mark's Square, at the back of Tower Bell. A view of the lagoon. People and tourists walking in the lagoon. The façade of Saint Mark's Cathedral. A view of a Canal. Rialto Bridge. View of a narrow canal. A church. View of a village. A close-up of two towers. A street in the village. A small fountain in a square. View of some of the village's houses. A street. A view of a square. A woman standing next to a fountain which is in the middle of a square. A panoramic view of a village. A water-mill. A palace. Close-up of a bell tower. A square with a policeman directing the traffic. View of some ancient walls. A palace. View of a river. Aerial view of some hills.

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