Film: 4500

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


A look at rural life, farming and agriculture in Japan. Mostly traditional methods used for food production, but this film shows how new technology is being employed 1960's

Huge bale of cut hay in a field with wooden beams holding it together. Thatched cottages. Mam cuts crop. Close up on small scythe. Woman tilling the soil. Expanse of fields behind her on the hillside - known as artificial terracing. Pan across sea or lake. Wheat crops at the bottom of the hill. Field of flowers - cash crop. Woman digs the soil in a rice field. Narartor explains crop rotation. Woman picks green vegetables from under plastic sheeting used as a greenhouse or hot house. Man uses petrol driven cultivator in rice field (looks like a lawn mower). Thatched cottage behind him. Same petrol driven cultivator harnessed to a cart and used to motor the crop (in bundles) to the market.

Cut to mud flat on the coast of Japan. Fishermen wade out in the mud and sea. Woman sort type of seaweed known as Hijiki (?) and put it in wicker baskets. This seaweed only harvested three times per year. Other seaweed is grown and harvested intensively - shot of the special nets used and men collecting the crop from them. Woman prepares seaweed. It is mashed and then put on slabs of rice straw to dry in the sun. Shot of many such slabs hung on wooden frames.

Fishermen and women gather in nylon fishing nets. Shot of harbour - many diesel powered boats. Village helpers unload the catch into wicker baskets. Close up of a fisherman gutting fish on top of a wooden barrell. Gutted fish are arranged in large wooden trays - they are being dried and salted to preserve them. Longshot showing many trays. Man checks sardine catch. Fishing boats unload sides of fresh tuna which have been frozen at sea onto conveyor belts. General dock activity. Piles of tuna on quayside. Boxes loaded with fish for markets. Men pull carts of fish away - they will be transported all over Japan.

Market (crowded) with fresh vegetables on display. Loading baskets. Loading vans. Cut to children playing in a school playground. Two boys wrestle (sumo). Girls skip with rope. Longshot of children running. School is large wooden building with thatched roof. End.

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