Film: 4509

Politics | 1910 | Mute | B/W


A History of the Trade Union Movement 1910's

Still of two men sitting in a cottage, one writing at a desk. Another hovers behind standing. Probably reconstruction of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Still of banner of The General Union of House Carpenters and Joiners. Close up of still of certificate of Registration for Thomas Major with the Order of Friendly Boilermakers. Similar for the United Society of Boilermakers, Iron and Steel Shipbuilders. Still of scroll of same union with their motto "Unity is Strength". Two more ornate scrolls before still of banner of National Union of General Workers, Nine Elms Branch. Group still of a number of men posing for picture from Victorian period. Close up of two elderly gentlemen in bowler hats and suits. Both have white beards. Camera then pans along to two others, marginally younger. Close up of one of the men in group photo. Shot of four men in suits, all working-class. Another still of different man from group photograph. Another group photo of younger men. Still of two men working in Edwardian factory. Camera moves to long shot and we can see row of women opposite engaged in factory work. Head shot of middle-aged man with long dark wispy beard. Still of man and woman seated, man possibly Lenin. Still Photograph of a young Keir Hardie in crofter's clothes. Close up of hand-written result of election for West Ham (South) in late 1890's in which Keir Hardie was elected first ILP Member of Parliament by a majority of 1232. Camera withdraws to reveal painting and large crowd viewing result. Still shot of Hardie and Ramsay McDonald at the entrance of a building with a number of other men. Still shot of same two, with others indoors around conference table. Still of what looks like Labour MP's seated in the House of Commons. Indoor still of what looks like crowded Labour Party conference. Painting from high of roofs and smoking chimneys of built up urban area. Still of poor working class family, parents and six children. Close up of parents and baby daughter in mother's arms. Close up of two other children, with the girl holding her sister in her arms. Close up on one of the young boys. Another still of poor family. Father holds yawning baby surrounded by mother and four other children. Long shot of street and poor two-up housing. Children and mothers outside front doors. Drawing of four shoemakers in workshop conditions, a man sewing, a still of a woman carrying clothes material, an agricultural worker in a field, then four men haymaking. Camera pans to front of hay cart where we see horse and more workers. Still of group of farmers (?) then moving shot of men leaving factory by foot, one cycles by on his bicycle. Turning wheel against smoke-filled sky of coal mine. Lift arrives at ground level, then cut to miners, naked to the waist, on their knees, using tools to dig coal. Two more workers, one propping up roof of tunnel. Women above ground pushing carts on track then group of grubby miners in flat caps posing for the camera with their lamps and flasks. Three policemen in capes stand outside deserted coal mine. Long shot of deserted mine with stationary wheel in background. Outdoor still shot of ornate building with columns. Police on horses can be seen restraining large crowd. Two policemen shown in still apprehending youth with no jacket. Another still of six policemen carrying away a demonstrator. Still of man being pulled away by policeman. Shirt round shoulder, possibly blood on face. Close up of earlier shot of man carried away by police. Some more demonstrators being led away by police. Camera closes in on bloodied face of one of the demonstrators. Still of number of young boys, many barefoot, carrying placards in support of Tom Mann. Still of railway coaches with broken windows. Moving picture of horse-drawn wagons of Great Northern Railways passing under police escort watched by male spectators. Empty horse-drawn wagons shown passing row of mounted soldiers. Long high shot of train passing above factory. Smoke billows from train and chimneys. Close up of roof of factory and air vents. Moving platform with crate outdoors of factory. Indoor shot of workers in factory. Then iron and steel workers using pulley to move steel girder, and man up ladders attending to train engine. Two men shown inspecting wheels of train engine in motion. Shot of front of train just visible through cloud of smoke. Woman on soap box surrounded by group of young women. Still of young boys waving happily towards the camera. Camera retracts to long shot of bigger group of youngsters. Still of two clerks with sandwich boards around necks. Larger shot of the two with three others, two of whom are women. Boards proclaim some workers demands. Mounted soldiers move off on cobbled street Spectators watch from the other side of road. Another shot of same street with mounted police trying to control large crowd on foot. Men and women congregating outside one building. More shots of crowd walking down street with the odd policeman on foot. Still of famous cartoon of Kaiser Wilhelm and Imperial Flag of Germany, standing with smoking revolver over fallen men women and children. Still of Keir Hardie giving pacifist speech in Trafalgar Square. Another still of same action. Hardie stands by platform and lion. Police below and packed crowd. Still of Kitchener recruitment poster. Men clamour outside recruiting station where soldiers stand at the entrance. Soldier stood on stage with cane lets recruits climb up on to platform in Trafalgar Square. Another shot of soldier helping recruit up on to stage by lions. Shot of stream of men entering building of recruiting office closely watched by uniformed soldier. Men in civilian clothes march by and through horse-droppings. They wave their hats and caps at the camera. Cut to uniformed soldiers marching by with rifles, looking left to senior officers who watch them march by. Hordes of soldiers on railway platform collecting rucksacks and boarding train. Train leaves platform with women and children watching its departure. Columns of women entering factory. All wear smocks. Outside factory we see women working at vices with files. Two men pass the camera. Women loading train rolling stock with large packages, some using hand carts. Other women secure trucks of train. Cut to women loading wagon with large barrels. Next women gauging shell casings in ( munitions ?) factory. Cut to Lloyd George arriving in open-topped motor car and waving his hat to the crowd. He leaves the car and enters a building. Next we see him being introduced to rows of factory girls in overalls and head-coverings. He stops and talks to two senior women in different ensemble. Close up of Lloyd George in conversation with a group of other men , then outside building posing for the camera. He waves his hat and enters building. Shot of packed crowd cheering. Two men orchestrating cheers with their hats. Next, men milling in street. They then break into a run, away from the police, who advance on horses. Highland band ( Pipe band ?) marching down road followed by soldiers. Next large crowds waving.

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