Film: 4512

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


A amateur home movie film in various segments including Italy 1930's

1) Large metal steamships in a harbour; one is tugged out to sea (or into a river)
2) People in 1920s (?) clothing (ie. Men in suits and hats etc.) stand on a bank
3) View of stone cottages with thatched roofs

4) An upside-down, still image of a volcano erupting
5) A back to front still image of Naples, showing the Piazza Municipio e Castel St. Elmo

6) A back to front still image of a worker, taken from a magazine

7) A small black kitten is teased by a girl with a ball of string

8) Roman, perhaps Greek (?) ruins; mountains in the distance
9) Ruins including part of a colonnade; again, Greco-Roman, with mountains in the distance
10) A view of the curve around a bay; Mediterranean; a volcano in the distance. There is a beach, with houses alongside it.

11) A vase and some bowls have been placed on a window ledge

12) Same image as 6); shown to be part of a picture post or similar

13) Three men sit in a room in a tall building. They wear suits. A standing lamp and striped curtains can be seen in the background. We are presumably in America; a stars and stripes is seen. A woman and a butler appear. One of the men talk on the telephone in a tall room with the same striped curtains. Three men sit next to one another on a sofa; they are dressed for dinner. The men stand up.

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