Film: 4516

London | 1950 | Silent | B/W


A short celebratory factual documentary looking at the buildings, streets and statues around the palaces of Westminster and Westminster Abbey in the 1950s

A photo is presented of the Houses of Parliament stating 'Façade extends 940ft. The Tower being 336ft high.' A picture of a panelled interior is seen with text information stating quantities of interior areas. The Houses of Parliament are viewed from the South bank of the River Thames, with a boat sailing under Westminster Bridge. We see the river and balcony of the Houses of Parliament. We see Big Ben in Parliament Square with two double decker buses, among other traffic. An image of the clock face on Big Ben reads a time of 11.47. A closer view shows another time of 10.40. It is daylight. We see the House of Lords from Parliament Square with traffic. We see a statue of Oliver Cromwell. His name is engraved in stone with the dates 1599-1658. We see a closer image of the statue of Cromwell's head and shoulders with a hat under his arm. Another view of the House of Lords is presented with pedestrians and passing traffic. We see the Houses of Parliament from different angles with street activity and three suited men in the foreground. A bus drives towards us and Westminster Abbey comes into view.

We see a still image of the façade of Westminster Abbey stating 'In 730-740AD a Benedictine Abbey was founded here.' Some more information is stated in text; 'It was rebuilt in 1065 by Edward the Confessor. In 1245 Henry III rebuilt the entire church as we now see it.' A view is presented of the flying buttresses of the Abbey and a statue of a dignitary wearing a robe. Further views show the roofs, buttresses and spires of the Abbey. We see the Tower at one end of the building through trees. And a view of arched windows, a rooftop and spires from a further angle. Another architectural view of towers is presented. A flag with several crests waves on a spire in the wind. A group of people, possibly a wedding party, congregate near the railings between Westminster Abbey and possibly St Margaret's with London taxi cabs parked on the street. Groups of people walk and chat outside the façade to Westminster Abbey. On the left stands a black London taxi and on the right what might be a dark Bentley. A statue atop a column is shown in which are carved other figures. As we move away a corner of the Abbey is revealed together with a tower in the distance. A view over the rooftops of London states 'The End.'

We see Westminster Abbey with the Houses of Parliament in the distance with a column in view. Double decker buses drive by. Another view of the Abbey is seen from the front with a clearer view of the column. Parliament Square is shown with the Abbey in the background, trees surrounding and people strolling across the lawns. Two black London taxis drive from right to left.

A still of flowerbeds overlaid in text states; 'Statues of three great statesmen of three countries stand in Parliament Square. Abraham Lincoln, Lord Beaconsfield (Benjamin Disraeli) and Field Marshal Smuts.'

The Lincoln statue appears in silhouette standing next to a carved chair, with a towered building in the background. A facing view shows Lincoln with a windowed stone building in the background. Pulling away we see the statue of Lord Beaconsfield in robes, the Abbey in the background. A stone engraving reads 'Jan Christian Smuts'. We see the statue's head and shoulders. He wears an army uniform and is cast in what seems to be bronze. Traffic passes through Parliament Square with a possible Triumph Herald in the foreground and routemaster bus in the background.

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