Film: 4522

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Canadian military film in magazine format 1940's

Administration work for uniformed men and women in World War Two. Loading mail bags into an aircraft's hold. Soldiers carry kitbags up gangplank of ship named the Pasteur. Loading stores in hold of ship.
Cabbagetown Holland version. End of World War Two in the Netherlands. A Canadian soldier dressed in a top hat promenades around old German labour camp. Humorously the tables have been turned on the sergeants who have to sweep the floor. A priest.
Amsterdam Yacht Club. Male and female servicemen relax at café tables and on yacht as they wear swimming costumes including early two piece costumes for women. The yachts have been seized from Nazi collaborators. Uniform wearing Canadian soldiers and local women or female soldiers not in uniform relax in a bar. They drink and play a table game like pool or billiards. Outdoors two soldiers are served by a white coated waiter. Soldier drinks tea or coffee from cup. Soldiers sailing small dinghies.
UNRRA. Manufacture of soap and boxing it up in crates marked 'laundry soap' and 'UNRRA' - the United Nations refugees organisation. Man paints on crate with stencil 'Kettle Soap'.
Chaudieres battalion in charge of section of Germany. Civilians and Canadian soldiers at checkpoints. A camp with German prisoners of war. German soldier takes his shirt off and raises his arm to show if he has any SS tattoos. Canadian demonstration of big flame thrower as a warning to German troops not to rebel.
Labour Day celebration in Europe at airbase. Various vehicles used as floats with themes of either war, Canada or the Netherlands. A rodeo. Horse race. Baseball game. Entertainment on an open air stage with girl dancing. Couples dancing.

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