Film: 4527

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Lionel Gamblin reporting
some jumps in commentary and film
3 historically interesting clips

World War Two . Lots of women from recently surrendered Germany in tears clutching small children. Crowd scene, probably from Berlin, in which Russian soldiers can be seen amongst German civilians. Clip of customers seated outside bar. Close-ups of the various tables and occupants at the pavement cafe.

Cut to shot of gun barrels aboard a ship. Long shot of cruiser Augusta bringing USA President, Harry Truman, to Antwerp 'big three' conference with Churchill and Stalin. Sailors on deck shown on parade as Truman leaves the ship to be met by General Eisenhower. They climb aboard an open saloon car with Mr. Burns, the American Secretary of State, to begin the last lap of their journey to Berlin. We see the car, with white star markings, move off with agents running either side and one riding on the running- board.

Cut to Berlin Airport, where Churchill has arrived aboard a transport command plane. He is shown descending the steps on to the runway, where he is met by Field Marshall Montgomery. Leader of the opposition, Clement Attlee is shown walking on the runway with two British Army personnel having arrived on another plane. Next we see Churchill in military uniform touring Berlin in a jeep. Anthony Eden rides passenger in the back. They pass through the Brandenburg Gate observing the ruins, until they stop and leave the jeep, where along with some Russian troops they go on a walk- about. The camera takes in some of the remaining Berlin buildings left standing. Churchill is then shown walking to the site where Hitler and Eva Braun's bodies were supposed to have been burnt. As an Army Officer describes the scene, we can see two empty gasoline tanks symbolically left on the spot.

Then the roads leading to the conference house are shown with a heavy sentry presence. A jeep is shown at a check point where the occupants are having their particulars checked. The barrier at the check point is raised and the jeep continues its journey. Long shot of the conference house, then a closer shot of its architectural merits. A star is shown cut into the lawn outside the building. Truman and Churchill exit some steps from the house, posing for the camera, they are shown conversing in the gardens. A handshake, and the action moves inside to the actual conference room where Churchill is shown meeting Stalin. Molotov, the Russian Foreign Minister, can also be seen. Stalin and Churchill converse via the Russian interpreter. Piece finishes with a photo shot of the three leaders.

'SIMLA offers new hope to India.' Hill top shot as clouds gather over Simla, as the conference between Lord Wavell and the Indian leaders is about to begin. The delegates arrive in rickshaws watched by crowds in the teeming rain. There are many umbrellas in use. Cut to signpost denoting the direction to Simla. Frontal shot of the viceregal lodge where the talks were to be held. Lord Wavell is shown in the garden with his wife and two others. Shot of Indian crowd, then Indian women seated on the floor. More crowd shots as the spectators await the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi. We see Gandhi in his white robe getting the crowd to sit as he passes through with Indian soldiers. Nehru is then shown addressing the crowd from a balcony. The Congress Party leader holds the attention of the large crowd. Back to the Viceregal Lodge Garden- we see many of the assorted leaders, including Dr. Azad, and Mohammed Jinnah (shaking hands with Wavell), later to become leader of the new state of Pakistan. Wavell continues his handshaking duties at the close of what was an unsuccessfull meeting. Closing shot of Jinnah in pith helmet leaving conference in a rickshaw.

'Pacific War Pattern, Tarakan To Okinawa.' Pictures of Australian troops landing on Tarakan, a small island off the coast of Borneo, from aboard ship. Smoke can be seen billowing in the air from the direction of the island. Shot of Australian troops advancing up a jungle clearing. These 9th Division troops are shown carefully proceeding through the less clear jungle.

Cut to retaken airfield, where burnout wrecks of Japanese plane can be seen. The Australian troops are busy cleaning the airfield, so it can be used again. A mechanical digger clears the potholes while troops dig a ditch. Native labourers are seen assisting and the cleared runways are shown. Cut to oil wells on island that had been captured by the troops, denying the Japaneses vital fuel so near Japan. Cut to American torpedo boats shooting up installations on the Borneo coast. Camera on boat next to machine gun as it fires towards the coast, where installations are ablaze. Close-up of marine discharging weapon before switching to Liberator bombers in action over Japanese, held islands in the Pillav group. We see the bombs exploding on the ground from on board one of the planes. As one of the bombers underneath despatches its deadly cargo, its port engine explodes sending the plane crashing to the ground.

Switch to Okinawa, where an American GI rides on the back of a jeep as it struggles through mud during rainy conditions. Then a heavy truck laden with troops meanders through the muddy tracks. American G.I.'s stealthily winkle at remaining Japanese soldiers by depositing hand grenade down the underground tunnels inhabited by the enemy troops. We see a G.I. throw a grenade down a hole and the subsequent explosion. Another demonstration of this clearance activity is shown with an aerial shot of an explosion. A G.I. armed with a flame thrower is shown firing into a suspected Japanese tunnel. Three G.I.s are then shown entering a village and taking villagers who supplied Japanese guerillas off to an internment camp. On board a vessel, a captured Japanese soldier requests remaining troops to surrender through an LTI. We see Japanese soldiers wading through the water carrying a white flag. As the Americans beckon them out to the boats, we see two swimming in the water. We see a Japanese officer emerge from a cave among the clifftops with blood streaming down his face. The exhausted officer is helped across the rocky terrain, dwarfed by the American troops. Shot of a group of surrendering Japanese soldiers first raising ther hands, then being shepherded to the waiting vessels. Shot of packed PoW camp and its numerous rows of tents. Abrupt end.

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