Film: 4536

Social History | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. Reigate or Redhill Scouts - summer camp at Earlswork, 1939. Also possibly Eastbourne 1930's

Redhill Scouts. Boys sunbathing or bask on shingle, beach at seaside. Boys push raft into water. Boy throws seaweed into water. Boys playing with raft in sea. Various close-up of boys sunbathing and drying themselves with towels. Scout leader or scout master dries himself. Boys throw stones into sea. Boys standing around flag pole with Union Jack - morning prayers? Tents at camp, with boys running about. Boy preparing barbecue. Boys peeling potatoes. Boys doing gymnastics and Hand stands, with big ship passing in distance. Boys dig trench bend fences and clothes line. Boy cooking meal in frying pan over camp fire. Boys playing with rubber rings in sea. Boys or young men sitting on bench, smoking cigarettes. Boys hoisting flag - Union Jack. Boys standing around flag-pole, they salute.
Boys cook meal on camp fire. Scouts in uniform, with wide brimmed hats, eating sandwiches on picnic. Boys on picnic, with large church or cathedral in background. Boys in uniform standing beside church. Boys walk through archway. Tower of large church.
Boys wrestle. Parade or line of boys in uniform, carrying long poles or sticks, kit inspection. Boys carrying branches and sticks - firewood.. Boys building small camp fires. Boys sunbathing on grass beside tents and reading magazines. Boys beside tent having uniforms inspected. Other Boys laying on grass beside tents, one of them spits a piece of apple at the cameraman. Boys eating meal under (open-ended) tent, one of them spitting out something. Line of boys with kit and bedding out for inspection. Boys taking down tents, folding up chairs. Boys pushing tent into bay. Boys cleaning tent pegs General view of camp with Union Jack. Lorry in field with coast beyond. Boy in uniform looks through telescope. Boys carrying boxes and skices - cleaning up camp. Boys take tent down. Boys wave

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