Film: 4537

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur Home Movie of scouts 1930's

Scouts marching in parade in heavy rain. Scout leader saluting as parade passes. Close-up scout leader in hut talking. Scouts standing in group. Scouts cooking on small camp fire. Boys put up small tent. Scout stand while scout leader instructs them.
Two boys sitting around pole or beam across swimming pool, hitting each other with bags.
Boy scouts in parade, marching, carrying flags and banners.
Children in costume of crusaders one of them with a cross. A street with carnival parade about to set out. Child on carnival float, dresses as Viking, with helmet, axe and shield. Parade moves off, with children in historical costume - historical pageant - Romans, banner "William the Conqueror", group dresses as Normans, float with fur or Christmas trees on it. Banner reading "Robin Hood". Children on horseback in costume. Horse-drawn with children in historical costume pass, and two policemen, children on horseback in Elizabethan or Civil War costume. People on carriage in early nineteenth-century costume. Shire horses are pulling cart with group in historical costume. Group in Norman or crusaders' costume. People sitting on group in Norman costume. Boys in Robin Hood costumes, with bows. People in crusader costumes. Group of boys in Robin Hood costumes walk down lane.

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