Film: 4540

London | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Three children make the trip from Piccadilly Circus to Arnos Grove on the London Undergound, Piccadilly Line 1940's

Wartime Piccadilly Circus; a mass of traffic is seen from the point of view of Regent Street looking towards Shaftesbury Avenue and Leicester Square with Eros statue in view. Buses and cars. Then the opposite shot with the Eros statue seen fully boarded-up with wartime posters on it. Pan across the street. Three schoolgirls, one much older, walk through the crowds and down the steps to the tube station. An overhead sign says 'Underground'. The girls look at it; they go down the steps, passing soldiers coming up. A finger of the map of the Underground system shows Piccadilly Circus and connections to Arnos Grove. They walk hand-in-hand past a policeman to the old-style ticket machines. Close-up of a hand putting money in the slot of the 9d machine. A ticket comes out. The tickets are held up. A ticket collector inspects the tickets and clips them. Close-up of feet getting onto the escalator. People descend on the escalator and walk down the tunnel, past an 'Ovaltine' poster, on to the platform, which is fairly crowded, mainly with soldiers smoking. A train arrives and the girls get in a 'No-Smoking' carriage. They look out of the dark windows. Good interior scenes of the passengers and carriage. Map showing the route. The train arrives outside. Overground Underground. Arnos Grove station. The name sign on the platform. The girls get out. Their tickets are collected. Good shots of the exterior of Arnos Grove, a nice example of an Art Deco station. The girls wave.

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