Film: 4541

Railways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Night shots of traffic in Lonbdon only lights can be made out. A queue of taxis and passing cars. Slow-moving traffic. More traffic - better definition 1960's

Ship tied up in a dock, the "Pavia" (four shots) "Parthia" in dry dock, the propeller.

People at Paddington Station, London, watch a television screen showing train service information. The screen is very flickery. A poster says the television screen is experimental for information on affected services. Big sign of street for Paddington Station. Traffic passes in front. Traffic down the slope. Woman at desk types the information for the television screen. She has a large TV. Camera behind her and a monitor. Close-up of the camera.
Aerial views from a 'plane showing towns and countryside heavily covered in snow. Man chips icicles from a railway carriage. Lots and lots of aerial snow scenes including the railway line. Winter scenes. The White Cliffs of Dover in snow. Frozen points. More ice on the trains. Snow is scraped off the roof of an underground train.

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