Film: 4542

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Health Exercise and Nutrition 1970's

Exercise class to music women in leotards dance to music in a studio
Men with paunches drink beer. Obesity and keeping healthy.
Kingston on Thames street market and shoppers buying fruit and vegetables.
A nutritionist talks about diet.
Photographer in a studio photographs a model in a bikini and glamour evening wear.
A intimate dinner party candles and a toast by a diners.
Making spotted dick in the kitchen.
Cookery demonstration the audience watch liver stroganoff being made.
Making baked cheesy leeks.
Ice cream van
glass of milk in the garden for the children
cheese and pineapple cubes on a hedgehog.
Bottled Fruit juices on a tray
horse riding rowing exercise class on mats
feet step onto a weighing scale

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