Film: 4546

Natural History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Pigeons. Homing-pigeons. Domestic pigeons with their young. Theories of how the homing instinct works 1940's

Birds in flight. Carrier Pigeon Corp. as used in the army and wartime. Man in uniform and helmet rolls pigeon in newspaper and puts it in his haversack. The commentary talks about the pigeon in wartime. Carrier pigeons in World War One. Tales of heroic pigeons wounded but still getting those messages through. A soldier rolls a message. A man with pigeon cage on his back. Pigeon has message attached to its leg. Training of two-way pigeons. Harbour; fishermen take fish from net. Fishermen using carrier-pigeons to inform of the catch.
Pigeon races, large crowds. People buying tickets at the turnstiles. The pigeons arrive. People apparently reading about 'the form'. They're off! The crowd await their arrival. The winner! Each bird has a tabulating clock. The judges sort the papers. Hands (close-up) count out a pile of paper money; into wallet; handshake (close-up).

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