Film: 4583

War + Military | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Very good shots of Spanish Civil War. Defence of Madrid. Ladies of Spain in mantilla and veils. Lots of war action shots, as the camera is right in the action. Soldiers training, fighting and dying 1930's

A woman stands next to her laundry. A sheet hangs on a washing line. Women fold laundry. They stands next to sheets (?) and other items on a washing line. A woman hangs items on a clothes line outside. A longshot of a village shows several houses packed closely together and surrounded by clothes lines and laundry. People stand on balconies and watch a parade of soldiers below. The soldiers fill the entire width of the street. They carry rifles over their left shoulders as they march. An army band accompanies the soldiers. A man plays a large drum, another a trombone, others play trumpets. Some of the band raise their fists in salute. A man on a motorcycle leads a group of men and women skipping down the street. The bike rider has a passenger. The people skipping lead a huge crowd of people. They seem jubilant. An open top truck drives by with men and women. Many have fists raised. Another shot of the front of the truck. Most people raise their fists in salute.

A building on top of a hillside. Close up of the building which looks like a fort of some sort. Close up of the fort from the outside. A slow pan across the top of the wall surrounding the fort. The wall has a series of spiky tops. These are interrupted by a series of mini-towers, spaced along the wall. A shot taken form the ground of the fort shows a large gate with iron bars. The high surrounding walls have slits for firing arrows. The tops of the walls are progressively higher.

A man in military uniform reads from a book. He raises his left hand in a form of salute, the Nazi salute perhaps. A tripod stands to his right, possibly a camera. Another man in military uniform and cap gives a Nazi-style salute. He is dressed like a senior officer. He stands next to other officers who are similarly dressed. Crowds of people stand and watch. Another officer raises his hand in an open handed Nazi Style salute. He is flanked by three other officers on his left and one on his right. Soldiers walk about in the midst of a crowd of civilians, the mood is buoyant, the soldiers are being cheered by the crowd, one of the soldiers kisses a woman in the crowd. A nun(?) applauds, surrounded by other nuns applauding. A woman applauds. A crowd of women applaud. A montage of shots shows woman clapping, some sing , some dressed in mantilla and veils.

Close up of men giving the open handed Nazi salute. A group of soldiers all stand and give the Nazi salute. A group of soldiers and possibly a few civilians walk towards the camera with hands raised in salute. A civilian stands at the front of a crowd of people and does a traditional hand-to-the-head UK/US army salute. Close up men in uniform, they wear braces and hats secured below their chins. Soldiers stand to attention with the buts of their guns on the ground. A group of men walk past with right fists raised in the air. Army men march with left fists raised in salute, behind the men in the foreground, another column of men march also with clenched fists, they march down a street in a town, possibly Madrid. A senior officer stands to attention in front of a platoon of soldiers, a senior soldier kisses a flag while a platoon of soldiers stands to attention behind the man holding the flag, another man steps forward to kiss the flag. A soldier holds a flag to the lips of another soldier who kisses it, the flagpole is held by a civilian in a crowd, another soldier steps forward, gun in hand and kisses the flag, another does the same. An elderly officer with cap under his arm kisses a flag, another elderly man follows suit, the flag is held by the front man in a battalion of soldiers. Soldiers march down a street and past other soldiers holding a flag, they march between the flag and a soldier giving the Nazi salute, as they walk past, another soldier watches and gives the salute. A soldier with a flag over his shoulder marches down a street, he leads a troop of soldiers that march with rifles over their right shoulders. They march past a group of soldiers all giving the Nazi salute. Soldiers march down the street with rifles over their right shoulders. A young boy carrying a flag leads a group of soldiers down a street. Close up of soldiers marching without guns. Soldiers get an order, do a clumsy about turn and march in the opposite direction, they the get another order and turn clumsily again to march in the opposite direction. Their marching and turning is completely out of synch. Soldiers march with long rifles over their shoulders, a drill master gives them an order to about turn and they do so completely out of step, one soldier in particular turns long before the others. Soldiers on a parade ground step to their left and then stand to attention. Soldiers in a line practise taking aim with their rifles. Soldiers kneel and take aim with their rifles. Soldiers kneel and do a rifle drill; picking up their rifles and then taking aim. An officer walks down a line of soldiers that stand at attention. He inspects the men, adjusts the rifle of one and adjusts the rifle and hat of another, he touches the chin of a soldier to straighten the direction his head is facing. Close up pan of a soldier's uniform, ending with a shot of his face. A soldier stands smoking, he has his rifle over his shoulder.

A bus/truck drives past with soldiers on the upper deck, some give the fisted salute, an army truck full of soldiers with guns and raised fists rolls by. A truck with a canon strapped to the back drives past, two soldiers ride with the canon, the soldier behind the canon turns to the camera, a flag flies behind the canon. A military truck drives past, in the back are soldiers with arms and guns raised. Another truck drives past with men flying a flag and carrying guns.

A signpost says "Somosierra Altituo 1444 ms" . A canon fires. A canon fires as soldier turns away form the blast. Soldiers prepare a canon to fire, they stand back as it fires. Another canon fires. Puffs of smoke mark the point where the shells land and explodes. Soldiers run with guns at the ready across a grassy field. Soldiers run up a hill and hit the deck as a puff of smoke marks a shell exploding just to their left. Long shot of soldiers running through trees, a soldier near the back is hit by a bullet and collapses to the floor. Soldiers run up a hill. A montage of shots shows soldiers running up a hill. Soldiers crouch as they carefully move forward with guns at the ready, they creep through large boulders, keeping their heads low. Soldiers run up a hill while those in the background fire at the enemy. Soldiers fire over rocks as they keep their heads down to avoid being hit. A soldier fires a machine gun. Slow pan over terrain shows rocks and trees. A soldier kneels and fires. Another lies on his side and fires his rifle. Close up of a soldier looking through the sites of his rifle before reloading, just behind him, another soldier reloads. Soldiers fire over a mound while lying on their stomachs . Soldiers get up from a behind a mound and run forward, many crouching low as they run. Soldiers run at enemy lines, some fall forward to assume a firing position. A whole field is covered with soldiers slowly advancing. A man sits on his haunches with another. Two elderly men in uniforms shake hands. Slow pan of military men sitting at a table. One man sits in a high backed chair. A general of the republicans? Soldiers march under a sign that reads "VIVA IL DUCE". Soldiers wear helmets with rifles over their shoulders as they march in a parade, they turn their heads to acknowledge senior army personnel who sit on a platform which is surrounded by four flags.

Army vehicles drive past full of soldiers, a canon is towed behind the trucks, soldiers watch the procession as some stand with flags. A huge flotilla of fifty or more boats with soldiers crammed on board. Soldiers stand on the mast roping and hold up clenched fists. Thousands of people on the riverbank wave as the ships pass. A hull of a ship is branded with the words "Edipr HNH N319 OAECCA".

A flag flies in the breeze, in the middle of the flag is a hammer and sickle with the words "Carlos Marx" above and below the hammer and sickle. View of a coastline as a plane flies over, view is over the wing of the plane, a plane flies over a coast, the shot is taken from a plane flying alongside and we see the engine of this plane in the foreground of the shot. Aerial shots of a town taken from one of the planes. View from a gun turret on a plane as it comes in to land over an airport where dozens of planes are parked. Thousands of men stand to attention as the camera pans around, they wear berets and hold their rifles with bayonets. Men stand to attention, some raise their arms, clenched fists in the air, a briefcase sits at the feet of one of the men giving the salute. Civilians, many of whom carry briefcases, walk down the street with fists raised. Soldiers wearing helmets and backpacks march down a street, rifles are slung over their shoulders. Thousands of soldiers march past a tree, away from the camera. Slow pan over Madrid., smoke rises from a building. A banner hanging over a street reads "PASARAN". Men build a wall, a man lays bricks.
A chain of men pass bricks down line. A man fills a wheelbarrow, while other men dig behind a wall of sandbags.

Montage of shots showing canons firing, a soldier gives an order and a canon fires, canons lined up in a row fire in succession . After three canons fire, they disappear in clouds of smoke. Soldiers jog past trees with guns at the ready. Soldiers run past a rock in single file. Soldiers run up a mound and take positions behind sandbags, one peers through binoculars, they duck simultaneously as something explodes. Long shot of soldiers running through a landscape of fire and smoke, smoke rises and blows away. Soldiers run across a field as smoke form explosions drifts across the landscape. Soldiers run for cover as puffs of smoke all around them signal shells landing. A soldier runs across screen, ahead a shell explodes as soldiers take cover. Soldiers run up a hill with rifles at their sides. Three soldiers fall to the ground behind a natural rise and take aim. Close up of soldiers preparing to fire over the top of their trench. A soldier fires from a lying position over the top of a ditch. Soldiers in a lying position fire, reload and fire again. A soldier aims, fires and reloads. Montage of soldiers firing over sandbags, some shoot through sandbags, a soldier fires and reloads his gun. A soldier fires, struggles to reload, then fires again. A soldier takes careful aim then fires. Close up of a soldier firing his rifle, reloading and firing again. A soldier reels back form his position behind the sand bags, he clutches his face as he drops to the ground. Close up of a soldier firing a machine gun as another soldier points the way. A soldier fires a machine gun as a sandbag falls to the ground.
Soldiers run past the sandbags as explosions are seen in the sky. Soldiers throw grenades over the sandbags. A soldier falls to the ground. Another falls to the ground as his gun goes flying. Advancing soldiers are hit by a grenade and two collapse to the ground instantly.

Longshot of Madrid, followed by shot of a building through a blown out window. Soldiers rush through the lobby of as building, soldiers carry guns as they run up the stairs inside a building.

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