Film: 4585

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Streets in France 1960's

A sunny city street in France and the sound of road drilling, several men are bent over laying new cobble stones which are strewn over the width of the road, some oil barrels (metal also in the road), a sign (in French) says 'road closed' - one man shovels earth in a small trench (one of four) that run the length of the road. Two men laying stones in semi-circular pattern in the road, they have a guide rope to help them, title 'la Rue' ( the 'street' or 'road'). A muddy track in the country in a wood, it is narrow and flanked on either side by trees. A large expanse of countryside, flat with an empty horizon. It is covered in crops (wheat possibly) - a single dirt track leads towards to the right. A 4 lane motorway seen from above, cars drive in both directions, tall lampposts run between the lanes, entrance and exit ramps to left and right. A suburban street lined on either side by short trees, an MG (A?) drives along towards us, a car of peculiarly French design is parked on the left. A city - rooftops of 19th century houses and a church spire. Camera pans down a four story block of houses to reveal the narrator's street, it is a narrow corner with parked cars, including a Citroen 2CV and a convertible VW Beetle, and a tree is nestled next to side of one building, throws shade over half of street. Another narrow city street stretching into the distance, tall buildings either side, cars parked all along one side, very narrow pavement, sound of children singing in background. A wider city street with cars parked either side, tall buildings, pedestrians, shops and advertising posters - one for watches. A more suburban street, stone gate posts on each side. A parked car. Busy city street, sloping away from viewer, usual tall buildings, shops either side many with outstretched owning into street, shoppers, parked truck, balconies. A quieter cobbled city street, some women pass, all with shopping bags. A view of French 19th century apartment block, many windows all with wooden slatted shutters and window boxes, pans to reveal similar buildings around. View of tops of buildings, panning down to cobbled street seen earlier. Corner of roof of building with chimney. Another view of blocks with shutters. And another. One more, from a above. A hole in the wall of building 6 inches above the pavement, it has a single grille in it. View of another window with closed shutters, situated above the grilled hole. Close-up of the kerb of the pavement, also man-hole cover. A small boy and girl walk along the pavement, she carries small bucket, he a bag. View from above, of another pavement, parked 2CV, glass-shop front and two young girls both in blue trousers and white shirts. Three boys and a dog run along another pavement of a cobbled street. A boy walks pensively along kerb and gutter looking at ground. Boy skips along kerb, water in gutter. A drain gushes water into the gutter and it flows down the street. Another view of water flowing in the gutter, it disappears under a grate. A man with 'witches' broom sweeps water from gutter under the grate. Close-up of water flowing into the drain or grate. View of road surface and gutter. Another view of road surface and gutter. Close-up of cobbled street in semi-circular pattern as seen earlier, a woman's legs, a pram and a Citroen pass. Close-up of road surface, parked car to rear. Front of parked car, parked at 90 degrees to kerb with bumper rounding onto pavement . A wooden cart, parked at kerb - it has 2 large wooden wheels, a dog is inside the cart. Road surface, a man's shadow passes. A man's legs cross cobbled street. A 1950's style French car drives onto cobbled street and off past parked cars and shops. A sloped city street with old houses and parked cars, a man freewheels down it on his bicycle. Another hilly old city street, 2 parked Citroens, two men walk up the hill. Tall wooden double doors in entrance to building, one is open inwards. Two more double front doors, this time with glass panelling above. A shop window, shelves of red velvet, covered in watches, necklaces and other jewellery. A smart young woman with her hair held up and a thick necklace looks in window. Another shop front covered with photos, books and pictures, dog lounges in front doorway, small girl passes. Hardware shop, contents including watering can, rakes beach ball, fill shop window and pavement outside. View of lower half of woman walking into shop with shopping bag, another woman with toddlers exits. Close-up (inside shop) of counter, woman puts coins in an ashtray and takes a newspaper, 'France-Soir', from pile next to it, hands take cash from tray. Close-up of woman's hands taking dark fruit (?) from wooden crate on stand and putting in brown paper bag. Attractive young woman looks in mirror mounted on wall and adjusts her hair. Alleyway of back of houses, drainpipe in foreground. View of some pavement, steeply rises and lends to some stone steps which lead up to wall covered in ad posters. More large wooden double doors, thus time black, with a smaller door set into one of them. A courtyard, shaded by trees and with arched cloister (behind the black doors according to narrator). A house with garden wall and iron gate, very smart in appearance with neatly trimmed garden. View from below of modern street lamp. Night view of older gas-style street lamp, which is on tree, in silhouette in background.

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