Film: 4588

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Sound | B/W


"Extraordinary Painter" Earl Bailey 1960's

Picturesque view of Lunenberg Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Small boats, seagulls, lobster pots, small wooden shacks.
Earl Bailey sits in a wheelchair in front of an easel and paints. He paints with the brush in his mouth. He is a polio victim. Close-up of him painting. His brother Dan passes him the paints. His gallery in the town. A 'Beetle' car passes by. Bailey's mother sits surrounded by his paintings and a woman examines them. 'The Blue Nose' sailing ship. He paints in the studio, selecting brushes; shots of many of his paintings.

"Sculptures in Ice"
Horse carriage through Montreal. In Dominion Square, a competition of ice-carving. The chefs of Montreal work at their ice-carvings. Many fish and swans etc. Judging.

"Portraits in Wool"
Cape Britain Island, French Canada; beautiful villages. Woman works on a tapestry. Elizabeth La Foy creates pictures in wool. Rug-making style wool hooking. Her shop in Marguerite Harbour. Crowds look at the pictures while she works on a portrait of Canada's Prime Minister, De Fanbecker. She did a 6ft x 8ft history of the U.S.A., showing the American presidents. Portraits of John Kennedy, ships, a horse, Moses, the Last Supper. Arcadian culture in Canada.

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