Film: 4589

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Quaint traveloque and industries of the former Yugoslavia just after World War Two 1950's

The Dalmatian coast on the Adriatic Sea. Picturesque views of the villages and towns by the sea; small boats. Mostar - general view including the bridge. "Muslims live peacefully beside the Slavic communities". View of country road. Horse and cart. Large city view. During World War Two, shots of bombed out buildings. People among ruins. War memorial. Close-ups of various people including Muslims. Communist type music with people rebuilding the country. Muslim women unload bricks. Constructing large state buildings. Women in lines pound a road. Close-up of Muslim and non-Muslim women side-by-side. Quarrying. Mechanical open-cast mining. Ship-building. The chamber of the United Nations. Yugoslavian representative. Horse-drawn harvester. Women in the fields collecting potatoes by hand. Harvesting maize. Tracks in the field. An expert trains. Tractor factory in production. Vet attends cows. Cotton production examining the cotton in Macedonia. Cotton harvesting. Cotton in the laboratory under slides. Fish farming. Netting fish. Carp ponds. Forestry, felling tree, logging, saw-mill, very large smoky factory shot. Factory is called "Zeljezara Zenica" with steam train. Steel mill, men shovel into furnaces. Liquid metal poured. Training metallurgy, in the classroom. Plastics factory. Man looks down microscope, full laboratory scenes. Woman with plastics. Children examined by doctor outside surgery. Children wait in a queue. Little boy with female doctor; doctor examines child's eyes. Baby. Women nurses at a table. Penicillin production plant. Mountain scenery. Building a Hydro-electric Dam at 'Youblonitsa' (phonetic spelling); concrete blocks put in place. Man wielding. Crane in ship-building yard. Tractor ploughing.

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