Film: 4592

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


France during the last few months of World War Two 1940's

Townspeople collect their confiscated radio sets from the town hall. Bayeaux. Men carry boxes down the stairs.

U.S. soldier sits amongst ruins of Pontaubeau. Soldiers resting, smoking. View of destroyed bridge. Soldiers march along a road. Armoured vehicles along a town road. Soldiers wave to French people. Posters stuck up on walls. Arrival in Rheims. Crowded streets and squares, happy waving people, liberation ceremony from town hall with large U.S. and French flags. The Mayor of Rheims.
Collaborationist girl with shaved head and paint paraded through streets. German Ordinance Depot. Arsenal of ammunition. Tanks fire down French country road. Turret emerges from undergrowth and fires. Artillery fired - close ups.
Cherence Le Roussel in ruins, it is a suburb of Mayenne. 6th August, U.S. Soldiers enter the town, it is a ruin and in rubble.
Laval Highway. Tanks in the street. More girls with shaved heads. Old woman smashes picture of Hitler. St.Malo, fighting. Soldier fires machine gun. House to house fighting. Carrying wounded soldier. Bandaging a fallen soldier's leg. German prisoners of war.
British soldiers - Mine clearing with Scorpion tanks. Villers Bocage taken. Ruined town. Soldier checks for mines with a metal detector. Flame throwing tank. Flame thrower sets alight a thatched house. German Kubelwagen in ditch. Annai taken, it is completely destroyed. Tanks pass through. Soldiers march.

The re-invasion or liberation of Northern France in 1944 and 1945 during World War II.

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