Film: 4600

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie film of the closing of the railway station at Crystal Palace 1950's

Station sign. Another sign shows the closing date of the branch line - Monday 20th September, 1954. Steam train at the station. Men decorate train. There are two signs on the railway engine: "1854 - 1954 The Palace Centenarian" and "Last train on the Crystal Palace (High Level) Branch". Man hangs floral wreath on front of train. Train's driver and fireman walk by. Woman stands near front of engine, preparing to make presentation. Crowd of thirty or forty visible. Inside of signal box with many levers.
The last journey of a train on the line filmed from inside. Man looks out of corridor window with his son. Looks out of round windows (in engine?). Train goes through station.
A brief newsreel record of the last train from Crystal Palace on 19 september 1954 which made a tour from Crystal Palace round to Richmond, Crystal Palace Low Level and back to the High Level station. The locomotives involved were Wainwright SECR 'C' 0-6-0 Nos 31719 and 31576.

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