Film: 4603

London | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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[Professional film] Quick establishing shot of Crystal Palace before the fire from the terrace in daytime 1930's

Nighttime shots of fire engines rushing through streets. The fire with trees in the foreground. The fire from the air. Fire in the building. Firemen silhouetted against the flames. Part of the fire filmed from the tower.
[Cut to amateur film] amateur film is shakier and pans around more, but the cameraman is nearer the flames and catches more dramatic shots. The tower appears to be smoking. Fireman on long extending ladder. Firemen. Smouldering ruins the next morning. Pillars, beams and girders.
[Cut to professional film] aerial fly by the tower and the smouldering ruins. Ground shot pan down tower. Twisted metal shell. Pan across smoke-haze covered site. Internal damage. One of the sphinx. Aerial fly by the tower. Ground shot panning across staircase which stops in mid-air as building has collapsed. Smouldering ruins.
Stills of 1854 surveyor and workmen and the grand opening with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on dais.
Small crowd outside Crystal Palace the morning after the fire.

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