Film: 4606

Sport | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Several different sports at the Crystal Palace London 1900's

Edwardian people, chiefly women, bicycle past camera on road.
Women in formation cycling team cycle around in lines and make patterns on a football field.
Penny farthing cycling (at Crystal Palace? 1910's). Some trick photography whereby man falls off in slow motion but gets back on his bike. The start of race, again the film is reversed and the cyclists go backwards. The penny farthing riders are overtaken by more conventional bicyclists. The winner poses for the camera.
"Bicycles Built For One" (1930's) - four penny farthing bicyclists. Two penny farthing cyclists race for the winning line at velodrome cycling track (Crystal Palace?).
"Would Be Charlies" (1930's) - Charlie Chaplin impersonators at Crystal Palace? Athletics track run and repeatedly fall over.
1911 F. A. Cup Final between Newcastle and Bradford City played at Crystal Palace. Captain tosses coin, the play, crowd and presentation to Bradford.
Cycling, motorcycling and motorbikes and sidecars (1930's) at Crystal Palace?
Shot of outside of Crystal Palace (1920's) with sign advertising "South London Exhibition".

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