Film: 4607

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Canadian Army, World War Two 1940's

Very good shots of troop train, railway train, then ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth. Soldier goes up gang plank. Waving good-bye - very good shots. Camberley in surrey. A march past. Alberta oil boom, oil refining. Seismic sound testing for oil. Train transporter pulling oil. Very good shots of army canteen. Army "Big Four" - American Football. Touring Army concert road show with drag acts, cross dressing soldiers dressed as girls, also very good.

Lizzie on Repat Schedule. Troops trains arrive in Southampton train station, soldiers get of the train. WRAC women talking on the platform. A cope of the Maple Leaf, the newspaper for Canadian Forces in England, then the Queen Elizabeth at port. Women walk with their baggage towards the gangplank. Soldiers walk withtheir duffle bas on their shoulders. Sodliers hang over the railing on the Queen E. Carrying goods onto the ship. A band to play the ship away. Women waving their handkerchiefs like crazy. People wave. The dockmen pull on the ropes. Tug boats push the ship out. More goodbyes.

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