Film: 4608

Industry + Work | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Filmed at the factory of C. T. Brock & Co, Sutton, South London 1910's

Brocks fireworks Man lines inside of casing. He makes a mold. He planes the mold as it turns. He trims edges of two hemispheres, before putting them together to make a globe shaped shell.
"Filling Shells With Smaller Shells And Stars" - man puts several smaller shells and handfuls of small blocks in casing.
"Fixing Fuses & Lifting Charge".
"Firing A Huge Shell" - men lead team of horses which are pulling load. Men load hopper. Rocket fired - explosions of fireworks.
Making rockets - in factory. Men pasting paper and rolling tubes for rockets. Filling fireworks by hand.
Outdoors - stack of large rockets put in a frame. Firing the rockets. Huge cloud of smoke. Lots of fireworks at same time are fired.
"Preparing Living Fireworks And The Night Effect" - two men wear asbestos suits laced with fireworks. They stand side on to camera and spar / box with one another. The night effect of the fireworks shows men in outline.
"Making Setpieces" - preparing large firework displays - fitting fireworks to grills. Coronation Display - portraits of George V and Queen. Very good portraits appear before the eyes. Good rocket and catherine wheel display.

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