Film: 4612

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie record in detail of a society or upper class wedding including arch made by girl guides 1930's

An English country parish church, the clock amid shrubbery. Four bridesmaids with armfuls of flowers, long short sleeved silky dresses and twenties style headbands stand awkwardly on the lawn. A man in a top hat and a woman in furs and gloves walk through a pavilion tunnel in the churchyard. More guests follow similarly attired in hats, fur etc, with the vicar in his dog collar. The bride on her father's arm; she wears a silk V-necked dress with close fitted sleeves and a lace veil down her back. Girl guides aged around thirteen to sixteen stand along the sides of the pavilion . Their uniform is a striped tie over a dark belted dress down to the knees with dark tights underneath, round brimmed hats and purses on strings around their necks.

The bride and groom walk back down the same pavilion tunnel, which is lined by guests and girl guides. Two girl guides hold flags out into an arch and the bride and groom pass under it . Some older, well-dressed people laugh outside a frosty paned door in a white washed wall, probably the front of the church.

The guests proceed through gates into a house compound, probably a garden; some of the ladies have parasols. In the background is a painted shop front ('Sandey and Son') and the front of an very old fashioned car - a rolls royce? A marquee where guests eat at tables or mingle with other guests. A group of men smoking outside some open French windows make way for the bride. A shot of the house in which the reception is being held; large with an ivy covered porch and bay widows. Two maids in black and white uniforms pass through the garden. Guests, bridesmaids, the vicar, everyone drinks wine and nibbles. A group of girl guides crowd around the bride, who is later joined by the groom. The bridegroom accepts a drink or proposes a toast in another shot. Wedding guests peer into the marquee, possibly as toasts are made. A lady in a hat is seated outside with the priest, engaging him in animated (and probably one-sided) conversation. A lady spills the contents of her glass and wipes it off her hand/dress.

A group of guides giggle at the camera; they are holding bunting tied to the front of the Rolls Royce. A group of guests and bridesmaids. The maids stand at the rear with their hands behind their backs. The high carriage of a car with 'just married' chalked around the tyre. The vicar points up at the camera. A chauffeur opens the doors of the car - 'just married' is chalked along the wide running board as well. A woman, probably the bride who has changed into a simpler dress, takes the wheel; the groom gets into the passenger's seat. The girl guides run in front of the car, pulling the bunting and leading the car out of the gates as the guests wave. The car reaches the street and they untie the bunting, the woman gestures, smiles and talks to them out of the window. The film ends abruptly here.

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