Film: 4614

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


A German World War Two film about a bombing mission 1940's

Scout planes take pictures, bombers bomb, and fighters escort them and shoot down enemy. A German WW II fighter (Junkers 88) takes off. Pilot and co-pilot. A city from above. In the aircraft: a man at the guns. The aircraft flying. In a cloud. The men put on their oxygen masks. The fighter emerges from the clouds. Flying above the clouds. The co-pilot indicates to go down. The fighter goes down. Through the clouds. The men take off their masks. Suddenly there is anti-aircraft fire. A hole is shot through the glass of the cockpit in the cabin. The co-pilot fastens his belt, takes off scarf and stuffs it into the hole. The fighter flies on. A look on the map. An opening is cranked open. The co-pilot looks down and takes pictures. The aircraft flies a large half-circle. The co-pilot writes some notes and hands them to a third man in the rear. The man in the rear telegraphs the message to the ground. On the ground a radio operator receives the message and writes down: "mission fulfilled". The aircraft lands. Two men in a motorcycle with sidecar approach. The photographer climbs out of the plane (with a tank containing the film stock) and into the motorbike. The bike drives off at high speed. The bike arrives in front of a building, the photographer enters. A sign: "Bildstelle" (photographic laboratory). An officer reads the report, gives directions, and a man carries the tanks with the photographic material away. In the darkroom; processing of the films. The negatives are put onto a huge spool. An officer watches, suddenly stops the revolving spool. He looks at a particular negative with a magnifying glass. He puts it onto a viewer, examines it. A print is made. The officer examines the print, gives directions. An officer and three soldiers at a table with a huge map. The officer draws in a position and explains to the soldiers their mission. Soldiers pushing a bomber in starting position. The bomber is loaded with bombs. In the air. A formation of about ten bombers. About ten fighters take off as well. The bombers in the air. The co-pilots looking at the map. Co-pilot looking down. Giving a sign: … Now! - Bombs are dropped and explode on the ground (several shots). An enemy fighter. Guns shoot. An air fight starts. The enemy fighter starts to burn and goes down, smoking. Satisfied smiles of the German pilots. More shots of air fights. Chasing an enemy plane. Shooting. Hits. Another chase. At the end the enemy plane is hit again; explosions. A fighter crashes to the ground and explodes. The ten German bombers return home. The landing.

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