Film: 4626

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W


GWR Great Western Railway Between Wye and Severn by steam train 1950's

Charming journey though Herefordshire Point of view the rear of the train in the guard's van. The guard in uniform waves off the train with his flag and boards. The train departs the station past people on the platform waving goodbye and a porter with a trolley. Point of view from the train, shots of the passing countryside from the window. Apple orchards with sunning shots of the blossom. Passing telegraph wires and posts. Lots of travelling shots and lots of blossom. Then from the ground, a steam train emerges from the blossom tree. Locomotive and six carriages or coaches. Through the wheels shot with the blossom. View of the passing town of Worcester with the cathedral and river. Station and yard of the railway. Nice classic steam train shots. More blossom and though the wheels shots. An oasthouse. Two trains pass in long shot.

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