Film: 4627

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Lebanon in the Middle East 1950's

Opening shots of blue sea and sky. Two men fishing in river, standing on rocks. Clearly a warm climate. Panning shot of bay with large sailing crafts or ships with masts. Harbour with boats. Shots of Tripoli harbour and fort. Traditionally dressed women drain sea water to capture salt. Mountain terrain. Car winds its way down road in mid-July. Panning shots of vegetation on hillsides. Window boxes on a giant scale filled with fruit and vegetables grown throughout the year. Mountain top church or retreat. Small villages made of white plaster or clay. Well with women drawing water. Long shot of village with modern car with traditional methods of transport. Dusk. Traditional horse drawn carriage being driven into city. Farmers bring their goods to market laden on horse drawn wagons. Local market with produce on sale. Statue of ancient Lebanese warrior of great repute. On hillside corn is threshed. Young girl and goats. Cedars of Lebanon on hillside. Weeds. Hillside with moon in daylight. Ends with commentary exhorting viewer to save money with National Savings

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