Film: 4628

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie of Eastbourne 1930's

Man puts coat on at open back door of car. He smokes pipe as he takes dog on very long lead for a walk. Car parked on wooded country road. Man and woman have picnic. Man and woman play with dog in wood. Man wears plus-fours trousers. Man plays with stick. Woman plays with ring for dog. Dog on lead runs off and pulls man over. Woman drinks on tree stump behind bush and waves at camera. Man Makes a big play over the strength of the dog pulling him all over the place. Man and woman walk to car, get in and drive off with dog sitting on back seta. Filming through front windscreen of car as we drive down country lane and past cottage. Other cars on the road. Boating on the river at Henley On Thames.
Oxford. Bars, streets (High Street and Cornmarket), traffic, people. Filmed through windscreen.
Adults in back garden as they mess about. Men with golf clubs hit ball. Adults and solitary girl play follow my leader round the lawn. The dog joins in.
On beach at Eastbourne. Fully clothed adults. One man in swimming trunks, Group pose for camera. Most wearing clothes, three in swimming costumes. Brief shot in back garden of men in overcoats playing golf.
Promenade at Eastbourne (?) with waves breaking on wall. People look over wall. Woman poses for camera. She wears headscarf. Waves break on groynes. Man and woman stand at promenade side stall which is selling mussels. Man and woman walk dog on pavement. They cross road towards old castle wall, town wall.
They pass through wooden kissing gate. Ruined castle. Views from castle. Moat. Family walk through arch of castle - part of the town behind them. While cliffs and coast road filmed through car windscreen (Dogs head in the way). The Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Couple walk on pavement with dog at the seafront. Hotels in the background. Pier. Show is on in the foreground on a small stage headed "Frivolity" - people sing and perform on stage (almost on end of the pier show).
(colour) Long breakwater. People on prom in windy conditions. Choppy sea with white cliffs in background. Waves breaking along breakwater. Single funnelled liner at sea. Waves on beach. Man and woman play in sea and roll in surf. She wears bathing cap.
Pan of bench. Two women and child on bench. Pier in background. Two women and man play with ball and dog. Small lighthouse at base of white cliffs. Man sits on cliff edge. White cliffs and bench with groynes. Windy weather.
Sunny day on beach in heart of Eastbourne (?). RNLI flag flies over beachside museum. Man, woman, dog, walk in park. Flower beds. Municipal gardens. Couple of old men in hats and with walking sticks. Family in country stand by car with model aircraft. Views of hills. The South Downs (?) Evening sun.
(B/W) Cars parked outside house. People enter garden gate. Milk delivery man cycles by. Man waves at camera and cars drive off.

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